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Start saving your Google ad spend without losing revenue

A smart, fully automated SaaS system, built to deliver higher ROAS and growth for the biggest brands

The Big Opportunity

Most companies could be saving tens of thousands of dollars a month with just this simple tweak

Unnecessary Ad Clicks

Most brands that are spending money with Google are paying for ads that wouldn’t impact their revenue, resulting in marketing spend waste.
Spend that could be allocated to growth and more profitable marketing initiatives.

See below…


Free Traffic, Why Pay?

If you are already ranked #1 for a search result, then why bid on these keywords?
These clicks should be free and attributed to your organically ranked search result.
This is happening for thousands of keywords, if not 100s of thousands that companies are ranked organically and are paying for ads with no competitors. Making the ads redundant.
For example, Someone typed in a certain keyword where you ranked #1 for it, but you continued to run an ad where no competitors were present.

95% of Companies Don't Know

The reality is most companies are not aware that this disconnect is happening across paid and organic, or they know it’s a problem and to try and fix it is an almost impossible task, due to the size of the Google ads budget and amount of keywords they rank for organically.
Especially if companies have a strong online presence and active digital marketing.

It's appearing across many different keywords...

Recent studies from Google show that 40% of people click on an ad and 60% click on the organic search result. That’s a lot of revenue and think about all the keywords you rank #1.

The Hidden Source of New Revenue

Possess the ability to create more marketing budget out of thin air by adding this to your toolbox.

More marketing budget

The ability to create extra marketing budget is invaluable especially in this new reality of uncertainty, budgets can be sliced and diced at any moment. With adProdigal, it will allow you to generate savings that can be redistributed across campaigns, keywords, and other valuable marketing channels that generate the ROI you are looking for. All without impacting your revenue.

Relocate savings to your growth!

Holistic view, increase ROI across all of search

The platform takes into account both organic search results and Google ads bidding auctions on keywords, you can start to see an overall view of search. Allowing you to see where the unnecessary overlap of running ads is happening with #1 organically ranked keywords. The power of this will make your SEO teams and PPC teams a powerful force to be reckoned with on Google as now they are both working to optimize each other more effectively.

More marketing budget

Instead of getting your team or your agency to go through organic search results and Google ads manually to find what ads you are cannibalizing, which is probably not the best use of your current resources. You can have a safe, automated system that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

You and your team’s time is too valuable to waste on sorting through hundreds of keywords even millions.

The inner workings of adProdigal

See inside the simplicity that makes adProdigal extremely effective and powerful.

Intelligent Recognition

adProdigal intelligently identifies and turns off cannibalistic ads, and then it will turn them on if a competitor appears so you can defend your brand and the #1 ranked keywords you’ve worked hard for at the fraction of the cost.

adProdigal will continuously scan Google Search Console & Google Ads to ensure that:

1. If there are competitors on keywords ranked #1 for, the Ad stays up to protect your brand.

2. If there are no competitors, the Ad comes down.

The technology will be able to know which ads need to turn on and off and is done automatically, so you have a 24/7 assistant helping you to make profitable decisions all day long.

This simple process is saving large companies millions in marketing spend waste.

Data, data, and more data

The technology aims to combine Google Search Console data with Google ads data to link SEO and PPC together and to make sure we have accurate data. As a backup, we will use our generated SERP data to make sure that there are no gaps and ensure accuracy, with lots of data smarter and more profitable decisions can be made.

Negative Keywords Control

When a cannibalistic ad (ad on top of #1 ranked organic listing with no competitor ads) is recognized we will add an “exact match” negative keyword to make sure it will not show up for that search result until a competitor appears – where the technology will then remove it from the negative keyword list, this is all happening in real-time.

Seamlessly integrates

Avoid changing your entire advertising workflow in ads manager.

Lightning-fast set up, immediate impact

We can have adProdigal up and running in 24-48 hrs, the implementation process is simple and transparent. This allows you to see results within a week of going live.

Works with all tech stacks

adProgidal is friendly with all tech stacks, its unique architecture works alongside existing PPC platforms and processes, augmenting the capabilities of both your team, your tech stack, and your agency without any changes to your workflow.

Plug and play, no need to change campaigns

The technology is highly configurable and you don’t need to adjust your current PPC strategy to use adProdigal, it automatically adjusts to what you are doing in your campaign. It’s a helper that works alongside you to optimize performance so you can take full advantage of your organic search results.

Performance-Based Pricing

No Results, No Charge

adProdigal uses a tiered fee schedule based on reclaimed spend each calendar month

Powerful advanced features to dominate your industry

Another test to your campaigns

Marketing leaders across the globe are always trying new strategies and approaches to get the maximum benefit from their marketing. Include this as another test you can run this month to get a step closer to that desired result!

No additional infrastructure

adProdigal does NOT require an external piece of software to be installed. The technology uses Google ad scripts and modelling based on your Google ads and search console data to work.

Maximize Organic Value (SEO)

When you start taking away cannibalistic ads, the value of SEO will go up, as the same paid click will now be attributed to your organic search result without losing revenue.

Safe & reliable

As adProdigal uses the same systems you use for your marketing on Google, it's 100% safe and doesn't impede performance.

No risk, only pay for results

Our performance-based pricing allows you to enjoy a zero risk commitment if you plan to use adProdigal, meaning if we don't save you money then you don't pay.


Start automating this important but tedious task of combining organic search terms and paid terms to adProdigal, freeing up your time to focus on other revenue-generating activities.

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